Invited Talks

  • Active Supernumerary Bodies for Physical Robotic Assistance

    IEEE Humanoids Workshop on Floating-base Robots in Manufacturing and Logistics

    J. M. Gandarias
  • Rethinking Human Ergonomics in Lean Manufacturing and Service Industry: Towards Adaptive Robots with Anticipatory Behaviours

    DIH HERO Knowledge Conference

    A. Ajoudani
  • Anticipatory Control of Human-Robot Interaction: Towards Enabling Flexible and Agile Work Practices

    Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI)

    A. Ajoudani
  • Towards Sustainable Work Practices to Promote Productivity and Workers' Health

    A. Ajoudani
  • Ergonomics Anticipation and Management in Human-Robot Interaction

    IROS 2020 Workshop on Human Movement Understanding for Robotics

    A. Ajoudani
  • Multi-modal interfaces for improving situational awareness in human-robot interaction

    RO-MAN 2020 workshop on Tactile Integration for Humans and Artificial Systems

    A. Ajoudani
  • From visuospatial cognition to robotic manipulation through exploration

    IFAC Workshop on Robotic manipulation: mechatronic tools, modeling, identification and control

    A. Ajoudani
  • Rethinking Human Ergonomics in Lean Manufacturing and Service Industry: Towards Collaborative Robots with Anticipatory Behaviors

    XSENS event on Ergonomics

    A. Ajoudani
  • Enabling Flexible and Agile Work Practices using KUKA Collaborative Robotic Technologies

    KUKA robotics event

    A. Ajoudani
  • Shared authority control of a MObile Collaborative robot Assistant (MOCA)

    ICRA 2020 workshop on "Shared Autonomy: Learning and Control"

    A. Ajoudani
  • A collaborative robotic approach to pandemic preparedness and response

    IEEE I-RAS event on "robotics against COVID-19"

    A. Ajoudani
  • Interfacce Uomo-Robot e robot collaborativi

    Torino digital days - Feburary 2019

    M. Lenori, N. Villa, A. Ajoudani
  • Intelligent Robots: Where Are We With This Technology?

    Kilometro Rosso - November 2019

    A. Ajoudani
  • Intelligenza Artificiale e Sostenibilit√†

    Genova Science festival - October 2019

    A. Ajoudani
  • Towards ergonomic control of human-robot coexistence and collaboration

    IEEE IROS 2019

    W. Kim & A. Ajoudani
  • Collaborative robots, our colleagues of today and tomorrow

    Genova Science festival - October 2019

    A. Ajoudani

Keynote Talks

  • From Human Kinodynamic Monitoring to Cobot Anticipatory Control

    Winter School on Components for Wearable and Collaborative Robots

    A. Ajoudani
  • Flexible automation through autonomous wheeled robotic manipulators

    A. Ajoudani
  • Robotics-based synthesis of human ergonomics in human-robot collaboration tasks

    Human-Friendly Robotics 2020

    A. Ajoudani
  • Research Activites of Human-Robot Interfaces and physical Interaction Laboratory

    European Space Agency - Feburary 2019

    A. Ajoudani
  • Human-Robot Collaboration: Enabling Flexible and Agile Work Practices

    IEEE Humanoids 2019

    A. Ajoudani

ERC Starting Grant
Principal Investigator: Arash Ajoudani
Period: 11/2019- 10/2024. G.A: 850932