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Press and News

Factories will be healthier thanks to collaborative robotics


Arash Ajoudani 12432

Interview with Ergo-Lean PI, Arash Ajoudani, on the future of collaborative robots and the use of robotics in emergency scenario such as COVID-19.

S.Korean Ambassador's Visit


Korean Ambassador

We had the pleasure of hosting South Korean Ambassador and his team at the HRI² lab of IIT. We introduced the potential of the ERC project Ergolean in rethinking human ergonomics to create a better future for European workforce.

Ergo-Lean on TGR News


The ERC project Ergo-Lean was highlighted in the national Italian news on TGR Leonardo. 

Ergo-Lean on TG3 News


The HRI² laboratory's research on the ERC project Ergo-Lean was highlighted in the national Italian news.

ERC Starting Grant
Principal Investigator: Arash Ajoudani
Period: 11/2019- 10/2024. G.A: 850932