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The Problem


each year in lost productivity and in absence due to sickness in EU.

43% of workers

in EU experience job strain each year.

600 MILLION working days

are lost due to Work related diseases (e.g., WMSD) in EU each year.

Ergo-Lean Key Idea


Human dynamics-aware & real-time models
  • Human kinodynamic states during complex interactions and human mobility
  • Ergonomic factors


Collaborative robots with anticipatory behaviors
  • Adaptable to varying human states and task objectives/constraints
  • Online flexible/reconfigurable
  • Safe


Ergonomic coordination of Motor redundancy
  • Real-time feedback
  • Situational awareness



Online and ergonomic task decomposition & allocation
  • Capability and ergonomics aware role allocation
  • Online and adaptable


ERC Starting Grant
Principal Investigator: Arash Ajoudani
Period: 11/2019- 10/2024. G.A: 850932